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Read Lauren Alaina’s Inspiring Words Upon the Death of Her Stepfather

Ramker was diagnosed with cancer in March.

Cillea Houghton • October 21, 2018

Kristian Bush’s Nashville Favorites

Kristian Bush may spend much of his time in Atlanta these days, but he still has his favorite hot spots for whenever he’s visiting Nashville.

Cillea Houghton • October 19, 2018

Five of the Best Things We Saw at the 2018 CMT Artists of the Year

Here are five of the best things we saw (and heard) at the 2018 CMT Artists of the Year.

Cillea Houghton • October 18, 2018

Album Review: Morgan Evans’ Things That We Drink To

There’s a youthful, vibrant spirit that runs throughout album in a way that feels celebratory.

Cillea Houghton • October 12, 2018

How Fatherhood and Two Strong Women Inspire Jimmie Allen

The wonderful folks in his life helped inspire many of the songs on his debut album.

Cillea Houghton • September 25, 2018

Scotty McCreery Found Strength in Seasons Change: ‘You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are’

“Writing about yourself and writing about life in general, you’ll figure out things about you that you didn’t already know,” he explains of the album.

Cillea Houghton • September 25, 2018

Kristin Chenoweth’s Nashville Favorites

From her favorite local neighborhood to one of the city’s most famous restaurants, here are Kristin Chenoweth’s Nashville Favorites.

Cillea Houghton • September 24, 2018

Five of the Most Inspiring Moments from Nashville’s WeWork Creator Awards

The 2018 WeWork Creators Awards brought out some of the most innovative people in Nashville.

Cillea Houghton • September 17, 2018

Kristin Chenoweth to Shine Spotlight on Her Country Roots With Nashville Symphony Show

Chenoweth will put her appreciation for Music City on display when she performs for the third time with the Nashville Symphony, offering fans a night of famous theatre numbers.

Cillea Houghton • September 14, 2018

Lee Brice Bares his Soul on ‘Rumor,’ Self-Titled Album

“Even though I wrote it about a small town, maybe it’s more about the whole world,” Brice shares of “Rumor.”

Cillea Houghton • September 5, 2018

Five of the Coolest Things We Saw at Billy Reid’s Annual ‘Shindig’

Fashion designer Billy Reid hosted his tenth annual shindig with the help of Kacey Musgraves, Joshua Hedley and a new fashion collection.

Cillea Houghton • September 4, 2018

Tyler Farr Gets Personal on Upcoming Third Album

The project is incredibly special to the singer/songwriter.

Cillea Houghton • August 22, 2018

Raleigh Keegan Plans a Charming Date Night in Debut Video, ‘Lookin’ Like That’

“I think, for me, it was important not to ruin it or people’s perception of a song that has been getting great traction for what we’re doing,” he explains.

Cillea Houghton • August 16, 2018

Little Big Town Reflect ‘Happiness’ in New Songs

“I feel like there’s a lot of happiness in these songs. It’s very reflective of where we are in our lives personally,” said Phillip Sweet.

Cillea Houghton • August 2, 2018

Little Big Town Embody New Sound on ‘Summer Fever’

Little Big Town embraces a groovy-California vibe with their Karen Fairchild-penned feel-good single, “Summer Fever.”

Cillea Houghton • July 24, 2018

Drake White Seeks True Fulfillment on ‘Pieces’

What’s your favorite song?

Cillea Houghton • July 20, 2018

Chris Lane’s Laps Around the Sun Reflects Growth, Clarity

“It feels good to know where you want to go,” he says. “You always have to continue to grow and evolve or else you’re going to get left behind.”

Cillea Houghton • July 19, 2018

Cole Swindell on Title Track of Forthcoming Album All of It: “I Had to Have It”

Cole Swindell’s new album was missing something, so when he heard “All of It” for the first time, he knew he had to record it.

Cillea Houghton • July 13, 2018

Album Review: Chris Lane’s Laps Around the Sun

There’s a sunny disposition that Chris Lane captures on Laps Around the Sun.

Cillea Houghton • July 12, 2018

Little Big Town Talks Touring with Miranda Lambert: ‘It’s a True Collaboration’

“It’s going to be a big jam,” Phillip Sweet describes. “The best thing about Miranda is that she’s such a lover of music. We can sit on a patio and open a bottle of wine and just have a great jam session with her, so that’s what this party is going to be.” …

Cillea Houghton • July 5, 2018