Josh Kelley Announces New Album, Debuts Music Video Starring Wife, Katherine Heigl

Josh Kelley is gearing up for the release of his new album with a new music video, starring his wife, actress Katherine Heigl.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Josh Kelley Announces New Album, Debuts Music Video Starring Wife, Katherine Heigl

Josh Kelley is preparing to release his first new music in five years with his  brand new album, New Lane Road.

Releasing April 22, the record is three-year labor of love for the singer, who wrote, engineered, produced and played most of the instruments on the project.

“This record is the most me of any record I’ve ever made,” said the brother of Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley. “It’s the most honest I’ve ever been, and it’s the best subject matter I’ve ever had to write about. When I was first coming up, I was young and inexperienced, and I had to make things up. Now that I’m older and I’ve traveled the world and had kids and have seen more and felt more, I have things to write songs about.”

Fans can get a taste of New Lane Road with the highly-personal song, “It’s Your Move,” written about a difficult moment in his marriage to actress Katherine Heigl.

“It was like one of those fights, an all-end-all fight, where you have to decide whether you’re going to remain in this story or not,” he shared. “And luckily, we love each other, we’re best friends, and we came out of it on top, but it was a big eye-opener for us. It’s a very vulnerable song. It’s very honest.”

The couple co-starred in the “It’s Your Move” music video (seen below), directed by Heigl.

New Lane Road Track Listing:

1. “It’s Your Move” (Josh Kelley/Rachel Thibodeau/Ben Glover)
2. “The Rock Who Found a Rollin’ Stone” (Josh Kelley)
3. “Call It What It Is” (Josh Kelley/Charles Kelley/Alan Chang)
4. “Take It On Back” (Josh Kelley/Charles Kelley/Tommy King)
5. “The Best of Me” (Josh Kelley/Rachel Thibodeau/Kyle Jacobs)
6. “New Lane Road” (Josh Kelley)
7. “One Foot in the Grave” (Josh Kelley/Jesse Valenzuela/Danny Wilde)
8. “Anywhere You Wanna Go” (Josh Kelley)
9. “Cowboy Love Song” (Josh Kelley/Clint Lagerberg)
10. “I’ll Be Standin’ Tall” (Josh Kelley)
11. “Life’s Too Short” (Josh Kelley/Clint Lagerberg/Sean McConnell)
12. “Only God Can Stop Her Now” (Josh Kelley/Rachel Thibodeau/Jason Sever)

Pre-order your copy of New Lane Road HERE.