Kacey Musgraves Captures the Journey of Motherhood in Emotional ‘Mother’ Video

Kacey Musgraves reveals the honest journey of motherhood throughout the poignant video for her song, "Mother."

Kacey Musgraves Captures the Journey of Motherhood in Emotional ‘Mother’ Video
Kacey Musgraves; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Kacey Musgraves dropped the perfect Mother’s Day gift on Sunday (May 13) with the music video for her touching song, “Mother.” While the video is simple, Musgraves uses the brief 1:16 run time to create a montage that’s both memorable and moving with a special appearance by her mother, Karen.

Musgraves acts classic as always, starting off the video with a shot of her sitting in an empty room with a soft yellow curtain as the backdrop while she emotively sings, Bursting with empathy / I’m feeling everything, the weight of the world on my shoulders / hope my tears don’t freak you out / they’re just kinda coming out / It’s the music in me and all of the colors,” as various images portraying motherhood move across the screen.

Scenes of a soon-to-be mom embracing her growing belly, a child learning to walk and brief moments of stress between a parent and child are all a part of the video that manages to pack plenty of emotion into the short tune.

But the video’s most touching moment comes when Musgraves’ own mom appears at the end, sitting next to her daughter and holding her hand while she sings the poignant final lines, “And she’s probably sittin’ there, thinking about the time that’s slipping, and missing, her mother,” casting an emotional look at the camera.

Musgraves has been open about the fact that the song was penned while she was on LSD. It was later recorded live for Golden Hour. “It’s a moment on the record that I’m really proud of—art isn’t supposed to be totally perfect,” she says in a statement to her label, Universal Music Group Nashville.

Golden Hour debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart after its release in 2018. She’ll embark on the Oh, What a World Tour, with the European leg beginning in October that takes Musgraves to the U.K., Ireland and the Netherlands.