Kip Moore Announces Third Studio Album, ‘SLOWHEART’

You’re in luck, Kip Moore fans, because the country singer will be bringing new music to your speakers later this fall.

Moore announced that he’s been working hard on his third studio record, SLOWHEART, and it’s time to let the fans and critics have a piece of one of the richest and most personal albums of the country star’s career.

Cycling back to basics after discovering himself following the release of Wild Ones, Moore turned off his phone and turned on his creative brain to make the music that will compile onto SLOWHEART’s tracklist. With the lead single, “More Girls Like You,” hinting at the sonic progression of Moore’s development, he circles around to the fact that the music just flowed through him during his quick hiatus.

“I believe in music so much, and I care so much, that it’s a double-edged sword,” he said to Rolling Stone. “It’s what has made me successful, and it’s what has made me a depressed human being at times. I face that pendulum swing so much. The toils of facing a crowd, 175 shows a year. Maybe other artists can have a show that is not that great and walk away. Me? I will spiral. I’ll think of that one despondent face in the crowd and ask, ‘Why couldn’t I sway that one person?’ That’s the fiery human being I am.”

“I’m trying to find that balance better, and I’ve come to be more at peace with knowing that,” he continues. “So I took this year and let go of the steering wheel. I let the music make itself.”

As a true musician himself, Moore does realize he couldn’t have come this far without the backers that stand up for him throughout every recorded journey he lays down. Dedicating the title to his band members, the country singer just wanted to lean upon the best representation of his repertoire to get the music going again.

“I’ve also been so blessed to have amazing players around me that played with their heart, and not just going through the motions. That makes a big difference,” Moore explained of his band, which holds a similar name to that of his upcoming release as the Slow Hearts.

Kip Moore’s forthcoming record, SLOWHEART, is due out September 8.

Kip Moore’s SLOWHEART Track Listing:
1. “Plead the Fifth” (Luke Dick, Josh Kear)
2. “Just Another Girl” (Kip Moore, Westin Davis, Ben Helson)
3. “I’ve Been Around” (Kip Moore, Dan Couch)
4. “Fast Women” (Kip Moore, Blair Daly, Westin Davis, Troy Verges)
5. “Bitter Sweet Company” (Kip Moore, Josh Miller, Troy Verges)
6. “Sunburn” (Kip Moore, David Garcia, Josh Miller, Steven Olsen)
7. “More Girls Like You” (Kip Moore, Steven Olsen, Josh Miller, David Garcia)
8. “The Bull” (Jon Randall, Luke Dick)
9. “Blonde” (Kip Moore, Steven Olsen, Josh Miller, David Garcia)
10. “Good Thing” (Kip Moore, Josh Miller, Troy Verges)
11. “Last Shot” (Kip Moore, Dan Couch, David Lee Murphy)
12. “Try Again” (Kip Moore, David Garcia, Josh Miller)
13. “Guitar Man” (Kip Moore, Dan Couch, Westin Davis)

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