Love and Theft Return With Catchy, ‘You Didn’t Want Me’

Nearly two years after their last single, “Candyland,” country duo Love and Theft will open a new chapter with the song “You Didn’t Want Me.” The catchy tune is the lead single from the their forthcoming album.

“We have loved this song since the day we wrote it. It feels good every time we play it. We can’t wait for our fans, and fans of music everywhere, to hear it,” Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson shared of the track.

Fans who have caught Love and Theft out on the road may already be familiar with the new single as they’ve reportedly added it to their live shows.

Love and Theft

Love and Theft; Photo courtesy of Curb Records

“This song has been and will continue to be one of my favorites to play every night. I can relate and I’d venture to guess that most people can too,” explained Gunderson.

To celebrate “You Didn’t Want Me,” Love and Theft also released its accompanying old-timey music video. Shot in black and white, it shows a woman who wants what she can’t have when she returns to find her former boyfriend has already moved on. She doesn’t handle the news all that well, flying off the handle as she sees her former flame locking lips with his new love.

“You Didn’t Want Me” is scheduled to hit country radio in August, but is available for streaming and purchase now.