Maren Morris Announces Debut Album, ‘HERO’

Singer/songwriter Maren Morris is gearing up to release her debut album, HERO, this summer.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Maren Morris Announces Debut Album, ‘HERO’
Photo provided by Columbia Nashville

Singer/songwriter Maren Morris is set to release her first major label full length album, HERO, this summer.

“This record really encapsulates everything that’s been bouncing around my head for the past 3 years,” Morris wrote on Facebook. “It’s woven with every thread of my influences, which pulls from the country and R&B landscapes. To borrow a line from one of my most introspective songs, ‘I’m not the hero in this story,’ which I wasn’t… but that was then. I am the hero in THIS story, and it’s taken a long road to be able to say that. Who I am as an artist, a songwriter and a woman today has been carefully shaped over time on my journey from Texas to Tennessee. They say never meet your heroes, but what if you just became your own?”

Morris co-wrote all 11 of the tracks appearing on the record, including her single “My Church.” “My Church” broke country radio history, setting the record for the most first week stations at impact date for the Billboard Country Airplay chart and Country Aircheck’s Mediabase Chart. Along with featuring the hit song, HERO will also include fan-favorite “80’s Mercedes,” “How It’s Done” and “I Wish I Was,” which inspired the name of the album.

Maren Morris

“‘I Wish I Was’ is the most autobiographical song on this record and I admittedly was not the hero in that story, but I am the hero in mine. I’ve come such a long way from who I was in Texas, who I am as a writer, who I am as a woman today. I think the message of this record is self acceptance and awareness, and that to me is heroic.”

Fans can pick up their copy of HERO on June 3.

Morris will spend the summer out on the road as part of Keith Urban’s RipCORD World Tour. The tour will kick off June 2 at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater in Kansas City, MO.

HERO full track listing:
1. “Sugar”
Maren Morris/Brett Tyler/Laura Veltz

2. “Rich”
Maren Morris/Jessie Jo Dillon/Laura Veltz

3. “My Church”
Maren Morris/busbee

4. “I Could Use a Love Song”
Maren Morris/Jimmy Robbins/Laura Veltz

5. “80’s Mercedes”
Maren Morris/busbee

6. “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry”
Maren Morris/Barry Dean/Luke Laird

7. “How It’s Done”
Maren Morris/busbee/Natalie Hemby

8. “Just Another Thing”
Maren Morris/Matt Dragstrem/Shane McAnally

9. “I Wish I Was”
Maren Morris/Natalie Hemby/Ryan Hurd

10. “Second Wind”
Maren Morris/Chris DeStefano/Shane McAnally

11. “Once”
Maren Morris/busbee