RaeLynn’s New Single, “Love Triangle,” Channels the Pain of Divorce

Divorce is never an easy way out. RaeLynn channels the frustration and sadness from the effects of splitting up a marriage in her latest single, “Love Triangle.”

RaeLynn co-wrote the track when she was 18 with Nicolle Galyon and Jimmy Robbins, and based it off of personal experiences she had growing up as a child of divorce. She, like many others who are in the same situation, had to deal with the back-and-forth of separated parents and wanted to vocalize how tough it is to be in the position where you’re pulled from side to side.

“Some mommas and daddies are loving in a straight line/take ‘forever’ to heart and take a long sweet ride/but some mommas and daddies let their heartstrings tear and tangle,” she sings about the heartbreaking lifestyle.

Throughout the track, she goes on to give the perspective of what it’s like to spend time separately with both dad and mom when they aren’t together and how it’s impossible to have one single social life with divorced parents, causing a third party in the broken relationship.

“And some of us get stuck/and some of us grow up/in a love triangle,” ends the emotional yet powerful song that brings forth quite the relatable topic.

Many country stars, including RaeLynn herself, have been anticipating the release of this single and took to Twitter to express their love over the track.

Raelynn’s former Voice coach, Blake Shelton, seemed pretty excited over the release and for his friend’s message.

“It’s here!!!!! It’s here!! Been waiting a long time for this,” he tweeted.


Fellow artists Lindsay Ell, Danielle Bradbery and Mickey Guyton among others all tweeted about the release of “Love Triangle” as well, in which they all were supportive of the country cutie’s newest music.

“Love Triangle” is RaeLynn’s first release for her new label, Warner Music Nashville. Fans can listen to the single on Spotify and it is available for purchase on iTunes.