Sara Evans Talks New Record Deal, New Music and More

After taking the time over the years to focus on her family, Sara Evans is ready to step back into the studio to make some new music.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Sara Evans Talks New Record Deal, New Music and More
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

After taking the time over the past couple years to focus on her family and herself, Sara Evans is ready to step back into the studio and make some new music for her fans.

Evans parted ways from longtime label Sony Music Nashville in early 2016 after releasing her latest album, Slow Me Down. Wanting something different to drive her career back up to its prime, she’s ready for a new record deal to start up this next part of her life.

“I will be signing with a new label, but I can’t say who it is yet,” Evans recently told The Boot. “That’s really exciting to me because it seems like a fresh start and a chance to work with new people who have different talents and who are creative in their own ways. I had a great, long run with Sony Records, and had great relationships and lots of success. But this is a new chapter for me, and I’m really excited about it.”

Known for songs like “Suds in the Bucket” and “A Little Bit Stronger,” Evans wants to bring the roots back into country music and doesn’t know if her sound will radiate with the country radio audience at the moment. But her devoted fan base will always have her back when she decides to make her full return.

“I would like to do another big radio splash, big hits, big tour again; I’m just waiting for the ‘bro-country’ stuff to get on its way out,” she shares. “I’ve been listening to a lot of roots-y music. The kids really want me to make a country record, especially my middle child; she’s like, ‘You need to make a country record’” she said.

Since her time away, Evans has planted her roots with her family down in Alabama, where she’s almost become the backseat in comparison to her husband’s football spotlight. She’s come to know that sports rule supreme in her home state, no matter how big a name she is in country music.

“Football is everything; it’s unbelievable,” Evans said. “I used to joke when I first moved to Birmingham, I would walk behind Jay and hum “Born to Fly” so people would notice me, because they’d whisper, ‘There’s Jay Barker!’”

She even continued on saying that she’s just a normal person like everyone else when she’s living down there and that her kids have become accustomed to the neighborhood and school where they’ve been raised.

Evans’ most recent venture back into music from her home life was with another family man, Todd Chrisley. The two recorded a duet called “Infinite Love” as a gift for Christley’s wife, Julie. While fans wait in anticipation over Evans’ new music, they can ease their minds by purchasing the track on iTunes or listening to it on Spotify.