Brandy Clark Wanted to ‘Meet Those Expectations’ On New Album

When it came time to release her sophomore album, Brandy Clark knew she had to step up her game after the success of debut album.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Brandy Clark Wanted to ‘Meet Those Expectations’ On New Album
Photo by Pamela Littky

After being nominated for Best Country Album at the 57th annual GRAMMY Awards for 12 Stories, Brandy Clark knew going into her second album that she’d have to step up her game.

“The expectation for this record is very high and I want to meet those expectations,” said Clark in an interview with Sounds Like Nashville.

The singer/songwriter did just that when she released her latest collection, Big Day in a Small Town. Clark hopes that listeners can find a little bit of themselves in the 11-track project.

“I love small towns and all the characters in them and I thought ‘That would be a cool record at some point. Big day in a small town.’ I love that the town shuts down for the football game and that everybody is in everybody’s business and I don’t know, outside of a small town, where that happens,” she explained.

“As long as they’re not offended, I hope people want to find themselves in it. Like ‘Oh I know that person.’ I think everyone knows that person in ‘Big Day in a Small Town’ that gets drunk going to the football game and wrecks the truck.”

See what else Brandy Clark told us about the album, including the song “Daughter,” featuring Kacey Musgraves.

Pick up your copy of Big Day in a Small Town HERE.