Bullet Fired Into ‘Bobby Bones Show’ Producer Ray’s Apartment in Nashville

This is terrifying! We're so glad everyone is okay!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Bullet Fired Into ‘Bobby Bones Show’ Producer Ray’s Apartment in Nashville
Bobby Bones Show's Ray Slater and girlfriend Laura Birdwell, Photo via Instagram; Apartment, Photo via Twitter

Bobby Bones Show producer Ray Slater had a scary evening at home on Wednesday night (3/6) when a bullet was fired into his apartment window and hit his television.

At approximately 8:30 p.m., Slater said he heard a noise from his living room. With no immediate sight of anything amiss, he looked to the television and saw the picture was distorted. Though he thought a bulb had blown in the screen, he then saw a hole through the window.

His girlfriend, Laura, who was taking a bath at the time, came out into the living room and upon finding the bullet, the two dropped to the floor. The couple quickly dialed 9-1-1 and had police at their home within minutes.

Slater posted about the incident on Instagram, writing, “one of the scariest moments of my life, thank God no one was injured. I was sleeping behind the wall where the tv is. Our precious cat was feet away, luckily only very small shards of glass fell on his little kitty bed 🐱. Bae would have been in harms way, if not for the grace of God. Moments before the shooting she had a sudden urge to take a bath.”

He talked about the incident Thursday morning on the Bobby Bones Show, sharing that the couple doesn’t know whether or not they’ll stay in their home following the random act.

“I haven’t been in the living room since. I know my chick is hiding out in the bedroom. I mean, she’s terrified. The cat probably hasn’t left the bed either. It’s weird… going in a room where there’s a bullet that just shot through and hit a bunch of stuff…very, very crazy. Scariest moment of my life.”

Thankfully, no one was injured. Police are searching for a motive.