Celebrity Cameos in Brad Paisley Music Videos Over the Years

When it comes to the entertainment world, Brad Paisley is the guy with all the connections for the best music video castings.

Celebrity Cameos in Brad Paisley Music Videos Over the Years
Brad Paisley and Andy Griffith; Photo via YouTube

When it comes to the entertainment world, Brad Paisley is the guy with all the connections.

Using his professional relationships with celebrities from all sections of the business, Paisley relies on those hilarious and star-studded appearances to make the most of his music video experiences. Snagging cameos from old Hollywood stars to viral video sensations, the country singer has a thing or two up his sleeve when it comes to casting his mini-movies.

Over the years, Paisley has landed quite the array of famous faces in which fans can indulge on their pop culture needs through each music film. Check out who’s stood alongside Paisley as he belts out his biggest singles and, of course, shreds on that electric guitar.

Jason Alexander, Little Jimmy Dickens, William Shatner, Trista Sutter (Bachelorette)—“Celebrity”

In order to dream up a treatment for a song such as “Celebrity,” Paisley went above and beyond many other casting methods by getting his industry pals to make a mockery of the high life. As William Shatner rolls his eyes at Paisley’s faux American Idol audition, Little Jimmy Dickens wins over the heart of The Bachelorette and beats Paisley out of the reality competition. Because that’s what “fame” is all about.

David Hasselhoff—“Last Time For Everything”

Jumping onto the vintage bandwagon, Paisley called upon David Hasselhoff to recreate his role as the Knight Rider in the “Last Time for Everything.” Giving a shoutout to the ways of the past, the singer even alluded to recent Netflix cult classic, Stranger Things. Totally tubular!

Andy Griffith—“Waitin’ On a Woman”

There’s nothing like the charm and wise words from a man as classy as that of Andy Griffith. Paisley makes friends with the comedy television legend in order to gain some guidance in the romance department. Little did Paisley know that he’d come out of the conversation as a better man.

Jason Alexander, Maureen McCormick—“Online”

Jason Alexander comes back around for round two of Paisley’s parody-style videos, taking on the role of a massive nerd in this treatment. As Alexander dreams of a life away from the constraints of a lonely computer screen, he imagines himself as the big shot he hopes to be…despite living to his dream girl-next-door (enter Maureen McCormick made famous by her role on The Brady Bunch) without any cool factors whatsoever.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley—“I’m Gonna Miss Her”

She may always be his leading lady, but Paisley cast his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, as his special someone in the “I’m Gonna Miss Her” video from back in the day. Although the West Virginia native battles between his two loves of fishing and his wife, he ultimately picks the water sport and suffers the heartbreaking consequences by reeling in a fat one.

Ricky Schroeder—“Whiskey Lullaby”

Taking more of an emotional route, Ricky Schroeder portrays a man coming home from war to witness infidelity even worse than the scarring memories he gained while fighting away. Drinking off any thought he remembered of her, his character lost his life in the bottom of a bottle as Paisley coos the chilling aftermath alongside the hauntingly beautiful harmonies from duet partner Alison Krauss.

Bonus: The Water-Skiing Squirrel—“River Bank”

Because what beats a tiny rodent catching the wakes from a miniature boat?! Paisley accepted the online craze and casted the squirrel as the big star making his moves on the pond.