Cole Swindell Thanks Friends and Family in ‘The Ones Who Got Me Here’

Cole Swindell appreciates all the support he's received throughout his life, and sends thanks to his circle in "The Ones Who Got Me Here."

Cole Swindell Thanks Friends and Family in ‘The Ones Who Got Me Here’
Cole Swindell; Cover art courtesy of Marbaloo

Although Cole Swindell put blood, sweat and tears into paving the way for his country music career, he recognizes the sacrifices from the people who love him dearly in his new song, “The Ones Who Got Me Here.”

It truly does take an army for anyone to follow their dreams and achieve the kind of success that Swindell has seen throughout his time as a musician, so the singer wanted to honor all of the support he received from friends, fans and family alike through an emotional yet relatable track.

Its sentimental nature meant even more to Swindell when he realized that he won’t be the only one who understands the encouragement surrounding them and appreciates those who raised them up well.

Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell; Cover art courtesy of Marbaloo

“I remember the night I wrote this song I was in Virginia Beach,” Swindell tells Sounds Like Nashville exclusively of the song he wrote with Ashley Gorley and Jesse Frasure. “We were just talking about growing up and how far we’ve all come. Not just me, but them as well. I started talking about the people who raised me, the people who got me through high school, college and the ones who moved me to Nashville. The people that didn’t believe in me were just as important as those who did because that motivated me. I think we can all relate to a song like this because no matter where you are in life someone helped you get there. Somebody pushed you whether they were behind you, supporting you or doubting you. I’ve always wanted to write a song like this, a song for everybody that has loved me way before I had ‘Chillin’ It’ out or heard my name first when ‘Chillin’ It’ did come out. Those folks have all been behind me for years and I’ve always wanted to put out a song they could call theirs and this is going to be it.”

The song is so special to the Georgia native, in fact, that it comes close beating out “You Should Be Here” as his most favorite co-written tune.

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“It’s my favorite thing I’ve written since ‘You Should Be Here.’ No doubt. It’s not just, to me, about one person. It’s about everybody. I think we’re all going to be able to relate to it no matter what your profession is. If we’re here in this room, we’re doing pretty good for ourselves to be doing what we love. I think a lot of people are going to relate to that,” Swindell explained to SLN and other media during a previous interview.

Swindell has always been pretty open about who he keeps close to him in order to maintain a level head and keep trucking along in the industry. From tear-worthy hits like “You Should Be Here” to fan favorites like “Chillin’ It,” he always puts his followers first.

“The Ones Who Got Me Here” will be one of the tracks listed on Swindell’s forthcoming record, which will be released sometime later this year.