Cole Swindell Just Wanted to ‘Record the Best Songs’ For ‘You Should Be Here’

Cole Swindell's main focus for his sophomore album 'You Should Be Here' was to "record the best songs" he could find.

Cole Swindell Just Wanted to ‘Record the Best Songs’ For ‘You Should Be Here’
Photo by Jim Wright

Today, May 6, marks a huge day for Cole Swindell… It’s the day the singer/songwriter released his sophomore album, You Should Be Here.

The 12-song project is one the Georgia native has been anxiously awaiting.

“You know, everybody, I think, is excited about their next album, but I think I’m just a little more excited than anybody’s ever been. I’m impatient,” Swindell told Sounds Like Nashville recently.

One of the most exciting parts of this new journey was that he was having songs written and pitched to him.

Cole Swindell You Should Be Here Album

“’Stars’ is a song I didn’t write on there that just got released on iTunes and that was a song that they sat down and said ‘let’s write a song for Cole today,’ he explained of the track written by Ben Hayslip and Chase McGill. “Honestly, that was a first kind of feeling, you know. You might have had a No.1 or played the Opry, done that, but that was a first for me to have somebody sit down and write a song because I used to do that for every artist in town, wishing they would record it. It makes me feel good that the best writers in town are sending me their stuff now. I’m proud of that.”

In fact, five of the 12 tracks on You Should Be Here were actually written by songwriters other than Swindell.

“It’s all about the song in this town. I just wanted to record the best songs, you know? There’s five I didn’t write. Best song wins and I think I’ve got the best 12 songs I could’ve had on this album.”

You Should Be Here is available for purchase now. See what else Cole told us about the project and getting to work with Dierks Bentley on the song “Flatliner.”