Dierks Bentley Tries to ‘Keep It Weird’ When It Comes to His Backstage Atmosphere

Dierks Bentley incorporated a few spiritual and enlightening elements to his backstage set-up, in which he encourages a carpe diem mentality.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Dierks Bentley Tries to ‘Keep It Weird’ When It Comes to His Backstage Atmosphere
TODAY -- Pictured: Dierks Bentley on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC)

Dierks Bentley lives his life on the edge, so he wanted to bring that vibe to the rest of his crew on tour all summer long.

Incorporating alternative activities from the daytime norm, the country star decided to add a few rather spiritual elements to the aura of his backstage setup. From trying to get outside every day to participating in some daredevil acts, Bentley just wants to keep everyone in good spirits by living life to the absolute fullest despite traveling all the time for work.

“We keep it weird. You know, there’s some weird guys so I’m trying to keep it weird for them. My goal with the road, and has been for a while, is to make the daytime…it’s like the song ‘Living.’ I’m trying to pack as much living as I can out of every day, I’m trying to pack an entire day, an entire life into every day. That’s my goal. And it’s a big goal. So I just have a lot of activities during the day. I’ve also recently done a plunge bath, the ice bath thing, just ’cause it’s a why not,” Bentley said during an interview backstage at the 2018 CMA Music Festival.

Specifically, one of the oddities someone could find backstage roaming around at a Bentley show would be what he dubs as a “duru,” or a dude and guru blended together. The duru’s guiding light inspires Bentley and his pals when they need a boost to get them through the day by way of lighthearted energy passed on through conversation and bonding moments.

“A friend of mine came out and he’s just a really positive person and he’s just a great guy to talk to about stuff and gets you fired up, gets you charged up, the amount of just advice that’s like…basically it’s like an iPhone has a charger, it’s like a body charger, and so I don’t know how much is actually true, but we’ve all done pretty good out there, maybe it’s the other stuff that’s being consumed, I don’t know,” Bentley joked about his ‘duru’ on the road.

Bentley and friends will travel across the country on the Mountain High Tour with Brothers Osborne and LANCO this summer.