Dierks Bentley Celebrates His Sweet 16th at No. 1 Party for ‘Black’

Dierks Bentley’s coming-of-age moment finally peaked as he snagged his 16th career No. 1 song with the title track from his latest album, “Black.”

Marking Bentley’s third top single off the record released last year, the impact on radio grew over time for a slow yet steady rise to the first spot on the charts. Celebrating the occasion with fellow writers Ross Copperman and Ashley Gorley, Bentley knew how special this song was from the start due to its half-time echoing nature to the passionate subject matter.

“There’s some songs that have a bigger impact than others. I’ve played No. 1s that I don’t even do in the live show anymore. I just don’t feel like they have the impact. But songs like this, I feel like, will always have that impact. So it’s not just about getting a No. 1, it’s about finding a song that’s a No. 1 but will also…you can see it statistically sell singles on iTunes. But also for me, it’s just feel. When you go out there on stage and watch this song grow from nobody knowing it to people getting excited when they hear the first bits of the music to cellphones coming out with the lighters. To see the song grow that way, you can tell it’s…some No. 1s are better than others,” Bentley told Sounds Like Nashville and other media at the No. 1 party.

Although earning that slot at the top of the charts may be same ol’, same ol’ for Bentley now, the feeling never fades any time he even hears one of his songs playing on radio. The desire to continue striving toward success, as well as his evergreen love and admiration for music, provides Bentley with even more fire to carry on and follow his creative notions.

“When you’re young and hungry, you don’t know any better. You just do it. But I think there’s still a little bit of that gratitude that comes with knowing you made it and you got a chance and you’re in it and now you really want to do it the best you can and not just be successful, but do it the right way. I think just the love of music. I think I just really love country music,” the country star explained.

Bentley even noted at the afternoon soiree that the main inspiration behind the song, also known as his wife, gave her thumbs-up approval from the minute she heard it.

Gathered around with family and friends in Nashville, Dierks Bentley felt the love in the room for “Black,” a song dedicated to his love that makes his accolade an even sweeter 16 than he could have ever wanted.