Florida Georgia Line Commemorates Hat Trick of No. 1 Hits During Nashville Party

Florida Georgia Line thanked everyone for support on their three massive No. 1 hits over the past year, and the success of 'Meant to Be.'

Written by Kelly Brickey
Florida Georgia Line Commemorates Hat Trick of No. 1 Hits During Nashville Party
Florida Georgia Line; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Florida Georgia Line racked up not just one or two No. 1 songs in a matter of months, but three huge tracks to explode to the top of the radio charts and change their lives in the biggest way.

During the chaos of CMA Music Festival, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of the duo hosted a special celebration brunch at their downtown hotspot, FGL House, to honor the success of “H.O.L.Y.,” “May We All” and “God, Your Mama, and Me,” on Saturday morning (6/9). Inviting the songwriters and producers, as well as friends and family in town for the fest, the guys never thought in a million years that they would become one of the hottest acts in the genre for their generation.

“To get to be where we’re at today in 2018, being the headline at the stadium, have so many memories every year, open FGL House up, then we’re celebrating No. 1s with unbelievable artists. I mean, it’s been a dream come true for us. I think it’s just evidence that God’s in control, man, showing out in beautiful places and making our dream become real,” Hubbard said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media during the event.

Special guests and fellow collaborators Backstreet Boys made a surprise appearance at the party, in which they received recognition for their first-ever country No. 1 single. Although they may be used to the fame and fortune that comes along with smash records, they truly valued the relationship and the time spent with FGL more than just the attention that came along with “God, Your Mama, and Me.”

“That was such an awesome experience,” A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys gushed about the collaboration. “Again, kind of going back to Nick’s relationship with Tyler and BK, there was always talks about maybe doing something together and they sent us this song, and they’d pretty much already cut all of their vocals. We got with this amazingly talented producer, Joey Moi, back in ironically Blackbird, in LA. And put our vocals on it and the song just turned out to be better than we could possibly have dreamed. Then for it to go as high as it went, the highest it could possibly go, to No. 1, blew us all away.”

Another stand-out moment from the get-together involved the massive triumph of Florida Georgia Line’s work with pop singer, Bebe Rehxa, on “Meant to Be.” When the two worlds of pop and country collided for a universal message that many listeners related to, the collaboration blew the charts of Top 40 and country radio right off and the pure power of the track completely changed Rexha’s approach to her creative process.

“They did what they do best and I did what I do best and that’s why I think, it kinda became this, I don’t know. Simultaneously happen in both worlds, you know? ‘Cause usually a country song works like country and then they’re like, ‘OK, now let’s go over pop or Top 40,’ and it’s been this interesting thing where it’s just simultaneously happening and it’s really awesome,” Rexha explained about the overwhelming success of “Meant to Be” in multiple radio worlds.

In a room filled with the people that supported them from day one, FGL gave a toast to all of the love they’ve received over the past few years while thanking the teams behind each song for tagging along on all of the different projects they embarked on together.

Fans can listen to Florida Georgia Line’s latest single, “Simple,” on radio now.