Jake Owen Goes ‘Putt Puttin’ With That’s Classic Media

Life on the road can certainly be a party, but nothing gets crazier for Jake Owen when he has a day off from the road life. The “American Country Love Song” singer showed fans what his favorite off-the-road pastime is… Putt Putt!

The Florida native teamed up with That’s Classic Media, the guys who brought you the viral “Welcome to Nashville” video, to create “Putt Puttin’.” The Saturday Night Live Lonely Island-esque video turns Owen into a rapper and features his friends taking over a miniature golf course in Myrtle Beach.

“Man, I’m about to let y’all in on some craziness and I’m talkin’ craziness when I’m not on the road. When I got a day off, you know what I do? You know what I do on my days off? This is what I do…” he says as the clip kicks off.

That’s Classic Media also took part in Owen’s Love Bus road trip from Nashville to Key West, FL.

Watch the hilarious video above.

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