Jake Owen Relates to Thomas Rhett’s Fatherly Love

There is nothing like the special bond between a dad and his daughter. Jake Owen and Thomas Rhett know that bond well and love to share their love of their daughters through photos with fans on social media.

Rhett and his wife recently adopted baby Willa, who seems to be easily adjusting to her new family. Rhett can’t contain his love for her as he posts photos of her on Instagram, something Owen says he can relate to with his four-year-old daughter, Pearl.

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“Ever since they got Willa, she’s all over Instagram and everywhere. I totally relate to that, and I’ve been enjoying watching his posts of her, because it reminds me of all the times I’ve posted about Pearl and just how fast they grow, how fast kids grow. I’d definitely say that Pearl, and kids in general, add to the ‘aww’ factor of social media,” Owen tells CMT Radio.

Owen recently talked to People about the importance of working daddy-daughter time into his busy schedule.

“As much as I love my job and playing music, the most satisfying, fulfilling moments in my life is when I can break away from the day-to-day grind and hustle that we do out there and just get back one-on-one with my little girl,” he says. “She really adds substance to my life.”

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There is a big difference between the adults he spends time with while out on the road and his precious daughter, which is one of the things that makes Owen’s time with her so special to him.

“I feel like it’s the only true time where when I ask her a question, she genuinely is listening and giving me her 100 percent honest opinion. She hasn’t even learned how to lie. She hasn’t learned how to preface her stories because of how she thinks people will take them or not,” he says. “It’s that pure, genuine conversation, and I love that. I think that’s what kids add to the world, is that they remind you that life is beautiful and the little things matter.”

Owen has been a single parent since his split from ex-wife Lacey Buchanan in 2015, but notes that different types of experiences he and Buchanan give Pearl when they are with her have made it a “well-rounded situation.”

Jake Owen is set to embark on the Good Company World Tour this fall, making stops at arenas and amphitheaters across the United States and Canada before heading to Europe in 2018.