Justin Moore Will Be Coaching His Daughter’s Softball Team on Father’s Day

This Father's Day, like many others for Justin Moore, will involve him coaching his daughter from the sidelines at her softball game.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Justin Moore Will Be Coaching His Daughter’s Softball Team on Father’s Day
Justin Moore; Photo via Instagram

Take Justin Moore out to the ballgame because he’ll be cheering his daughter’s team on from the dugout this Father’s Day.

The country singer switches his cowboy hat for a ball cap more weekends than not as the coach of his child’s softball team. Although most games get scheduled for Saturdays, Moore’s daughter signed up to play a tournament this year and will be competing on the special holiday.

“Well, it’s big to our family. My oldest daughter is way into softball and her state tournament, we’ll still be in it on Sunday, so we’re looking forward to that,” Moore explained to Sounds Like Nashville during a phone interview.

Although Moore supports his daughter in full as a parent, he does admit to making practices and games harder by putting the pressure on her to do her best. It’s all good and fun though, as he always hopes she enjoys herself above all.

“I’m definitely harder on her, for sure,” Moore joked. “I didn’t coach her for her first year but I played sports so I’m pretty knowledgeable about sports and love sports. So, it would drive me crazy if there was somebody out there, as a coach, not doing what I know that they should be doing. I’m so competitive that I want them to win and get better and all that. So, it kind of killed me to be on the sidelines.”

Thinking back to past Father’s Days with his children or even his own father back in the day, all Moore can really remember is spending the day out on the field and doesn’t pinpoint a specific time for Father’s Day that was better than the other.

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“I’m sure, you know, seeing as how Father’s Day is this time of year that this is not the first time that we’ve spent Father’s Day at a ballgame or a ball tournament because I played baseball growing up. Like I said, my dad always coached me and so this was kind of the time of the year that the season was kind of coming to an end. I really don’t have any that stand out to me as terrible an answer as that is,” he said of his Father’s Day memories.

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