Kimberly Schlapman Comes to Patton Oswalt’s Defense on ‘The Talk’

In the early days of Little Big Town, Kimberly Schlapman’s last name used to be Roads. It wasn’t her maiden name but her first husband’s name.

The singer’s husband Steven Roads suddenly passed away in 2005 after the two had been married for 14 years. Schlapman was devastated and mourned his loss, but eventually, was able to find love again. She ended up starting a relationship with a longtime friend, Stephen Schlapman, whom she married in 2006.

A similar situation recently happened to actor/comedian Patton Oswalt, known for his stand up comedy and role as Spencer Olchin in The King of Queens. Oswalt’s wife of over 10 years, author Michelle McNamara, passed away in 2016, leaving him crushed and a single father to their daughter Alice. Nearly a year later, Oswalt proposed to Meredith Salenger, and many people on the Internet belittled the couple for their quick engagement.

Schlapman quickly came to Oswalt’s defense during an appearance on The Talk with band mate Karen Fairchild and shared her story.

“I can speak personally to this. I was married for 14 years to a wonderful man, and he passed away. And nine months later, I began a spark with an old friend,” Schalpan shared. “And 100 percent, I am so sure of this: that my new husband was sent to me from heaven from my late husband. I feel like he was up there saying, ‘She needs somebody to love her and give a baby, too.’”

“Patton, I wish you the greatest love and healing, and I’m so happy for you,” Schlapman continued.

The ladies on the show all expressed the sentiment that the ability for Patton Oswalt and Kimberly Schlapman to find love again was all “orchestrated” by their late loved ones to help the healing.