Kip Moore Delivers Stunning Performance Of ‘Running For You’ On ‘The Talk’

Kip Moore has been busy touring the country on his Wild Ones Tour, but took a short break to stop by The Talk for a stunning piano version of his latest hit single, “Running For You.”

Before taking the stage for this song, the hitmaker spoke to co-hosts Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne about an experience he recently had with an overzealous fan.

“Well a girl was just really excited. I think she had had a little bit too much to drink and she rushed the stage and I actually had my eyes closed when it happened,” he explained. “You know, I was singing with my eyes closed and I felt like the mic just slam into my mouth and it chipped the bottom of my tooth.”

Moore had a good outlook on the situation though. “But you know what? It adds character and now I got a story no one else has.”

Watch as Moore recounts the moment and what happened afterwards before he delivers a passionate performance of his latest single, “Running For You.”