Lindsay Ell Falls Dangerously in Love in ‘Criminal’

Loving someone isn’t against the law, but Lindsay Ell sure feels like a rule-breaker when it comes to her relationship in her latest single, “Criminal.”

The rock-heavy country track describes Ell’s process of falling for someone as something similar to committing a crime in the best way. Risking safety and security for the result of finding the right person, the singer puts her heart in jeopardy by sacrificing her innocence for making a love work out.

Singing words like “I have the right to remain silent / but there ain’t no way I can / ‘cause I’m wired like a ticking time bomb / it’s so wrong, but it feels right,” Ell gets away with murder in the sweetest way by keeping the romance alive through danger and mystery.

Her latest single was just one of the many personal songs Ell recorded during the making of The Project, hoping her listeners could relate to the topics she relishes throughout the album. Giving her fans a space of comfort in feeling the same emotions, the singer/songwriter put her heart and soul on the line to help out a supporter or two through similar ordeals she’s faced in love and life.

“It’s like songs, regardless of if artists write them or if artists don’t write them, should make you put to life a side of yourself. I really feel like The Project kind of is like that. It’s a journey and I really hope that when people listen to the project that they can identify with even just a portion of it and be like, ‘I know what that feels like’ or ‘I have been there before,’” Ell previously explained to Sounds Like Nashville about her album.

The Project is available now.

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