Love Gets Lost in Luke Combs’ Video for ‘One Number Away’

Love becomes truly lost after distracted driving leads to a fatal plot twist in Luke Combs' video for "One Number Away."

Written by Kelly Brickey
Love Gets Lost in Luke Combs’ Video for ‘One Number Away’
Luke Combs; Photo courtesy Warner Music Nashville

Even desperate times call for desperate measures, but Luke Combs let the worst case scenario of that phrase play out through the brokenness of a relationship in “One Number Away.”

Playing the role of the narrator to the reminiscent scenes, Combs sings the words to his third single as a couple thinks about their good times in separate places. All centered around one hopeless phone call in the middle of the night, both the man and woman in the situation remember when they had it all together compared to falling apart on their own now.

It’s not until the memories flood back quickly enough that the girl dials up her ex for a midnight reunion when the plot twist of the video commences and the viewers sees the aftermath of what looks like a near deadly car crash. Too focused on the emotions running through her mind to keep from getting distracted on the road, the girl totals the car and leaves the guy on the other end at a loss for what the grim situation holds.

A meaningful video had to match the same sentiment that Combs felt when he wrote this song for his debut album. Making its place as one of the singer’s favorites, he knew “One Number Away” could send numerous impacts through interpretation thanks to its relatable lyrics.

“The second time we wrote we got on “One Number Away” and Rob had had the idea in his phone, I couldn’t tell you why but … Steven is such an incredible melody guy and he said hey I’ve got this melody thing I really like. He started humming that chorus of the song and we just kind of sat there and Steven had this cool chorus melody and Sammy built the track and so I have never done, never written with a track guy. I didn’t know that was a thing and so it actually turned out being pretty cool and it ended up becoming one of my favorite songs on the record,” Combs revealed to Sounds Like Nashville and other media during a No. 1 party.

“One Number Away” marks Luke Combs’ third single off his record, This One’s For You, which is available now.