Maren Morris Getting ‘Cozy’ on 15 in a 30 Tour

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Now that Maren Morris has settled into touring with Sam Hunt and Chris Janson over the past several weeks, she’s starting to find comfort in her opening set.

While it’s no secret that Morris is used to being on the road with her Hero Tour last winter, she still anticipated the hesitancy of falling in line as direct support for Hunt. There was nothing to fear though as Morris has adjusted quite nicely to the tour and can’t wait to learn a few tricks from Hunt’s repertoire on stage.

“It’s such a great batch of artists. I think Sam Hunt is such a trailblazer, so to get to perform right before he plays and watch his show, you can just see into that guy’s brain. He’s very, very smart. I was saying earlier that the first weekend is always the weekend where you work out all the kinks and iron everything out and then you kind of settle into it. So I’m excited to get a little more cozy. But it’s been so fun. It’s such a great show and I’m so proud of him for having that many people show up every night. It is crazy the response in the crowd.”

Just as Hunt experienced when he first stepped onto the scene as an artist, Morris replicated the overnight success after releasing her acclaimed album, Hero, last year. They never crossed paths until this tour, but the “My Church” singer feels the kindred spirit vibe from Hunt based on their similar success stories and unique approaches to a more traditional genre.

“We’ve always kinda been in the same circle, but obviously Sam had this meteoric rise and then mine was a year or two later. So we’re just kind of off. So we never really got to hang out, but we had been fans from afar. It’s just cool to finally come together and he’s doing his first arena headline tour, or amphitheater tour, and this is my first time being direct support on anything, so that’s just crazy. And I think our music really complements each other well. We are rooted in country, but we love to blend other genres into it and just make it energetic and fun, so it feels like a complementary tour.”

The 15 in a 30 Tour runs throughout the summer months and tickets are available for the dates online.