Mitchell Tenpenny is Spilling the Beans on His Debut Album Telling All My Secrets

“I’m excited to ‘share all my secrets’ on this albu

Written by Hannah Rines
Mitchell Tenpenny is Spilling the Beans on His Debut Album <em>Telling All My Secrets</em>
Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato

After making a splash in the country music world earlier this year, Mitchell Tenpenny is ready to formally introduce himself to the music industry with his very first debut album Telling All My Secrets.

“I’m excited to ‘share all my secrets’ on this album so fans get the full picture of what I’m about,”said Tenpenny.

Tenpenny burst onto the country music scene with his RIAA-certified Gold single “Drunk Me,” racking up more than 77 million on-demand streams (3 million a week) and surpassing 500,000 downloads in the U.S.

Mitchell Tenpenny

Mitchell Tenpenny; Cover art courtesy of Essential Broadcast Media, LLC

The Nashville native has long been familiar with Music Row: he spent much of his childhood playing in some of country music’s most hallowed halls under the watchful eye of his grandmother, industry veteran and first female CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing Donna Hilley. Watching his hardworking grandmother (and those around her) gave Tenpenny some serious work ethic. The singer/songwriter wrote over 50 songs in preparation for Telling All My Secrets and painstakingly whittled the list down to 11 songs. Three of those were included on his self-titled EP release: “Drunk Me,” “Alcohol You Later,” and the polarizing track “Bitches.”

“I’m proud of the success of a track like ‘Bitches.’ It is always a favorite at our shows but for a new listener I understand it could be a bit divisive. The song isn’t about girls or guys, it is about cheaters and liars and haters and bullies. I hate bullies and I hate people that pick on others.” says Tenpenny of the song. “Sometimes there is only one word for a certain emotion. In this case it was bitch.”

Up next, Tenpenny will join Old Dominion during their 2019 Make It Sweet Tour.

You can pre-order Telling All My Secrets or stream Tenpenny’s music on Spotify

Telling All My Secrets Track Listing:
1. Truck I Drove in High School | Mitchell Tenpenny/Jordan Schmidt/Andrew Albert/Devin Dawson
2. Alcohol You Later | Tenpenny/Sam Sumser/Michael Lotten
3. All On You | Tenpenny/Albert/Nick Fradiani/Jordan Schmidt
4. Goner | Tenpenny/Albert/Schmidt
5. Chance Worth Taking | Tenpenny/Josh Hoge/Matthew McVaney
6. I Get The Picture | Tenpenny/Alex Kline/Michael Whitworth
7. Drunk Me | Tenpenny/Schmidt/Justin Wilson
8. Somebody’s Got Me | Tenpenny/Hillary Lindsey/Schmidt
9. Somebody Ain’t You | Tenpenny/Thomas Archer/Dallas Wilson
10. Telling All My Secrets | Tenpenny/Jordan Minton/Dallas Wilson
11. Walk Like Him | Tenpenny/Justin Ebach/Steven Dale Jones