Rachel Reinert Plays It ‘Cool’ in New Music Video

Rachel Reinert is making her return to country music – this time as a solo artist. Previously of Gloriana, Reinert just released the music video for her first song as a solo artist, “Cool” and it shows that after three years out of the spotlight, she’s just as cool as she ever was.

The video features clips of Reinert singing the song, as well as snippets of her and her ex-boyfriend in flashback scenes of their relationship together. The clip ends with her ex-love showing up at her party with a new girl, but Reinert still makes her way over to him to sit down and chat by the pool – showing that even though he may be with someone else now, everything is “cool” between them.

Rachel Reinert

Rachel Reinert; Photo credit: Angela Talley

When discussing “Cool”, Reinert recently told Billboard that it’s an extremely personal song to her and that she actually played it for her ex before releasing it to the world. “We are obviously at different points in our lives now, but we just have this mutual support and respect for each other. I just think that it’s a big thing to get to a point of true friendship with somebody that you have a lot of history with. That’s a big deal for me, because I’m not good with that. It’s actually the first case for me where I’ve been able to get past any animosity, and realize that if it weren’t for that experience, I wouldn’t be who and where I am today.”

Describing her sound as California country, Reinert explained that she’s excited to dive back into the country music world and see where it leads. “It’s been such a long transitional period for me, not only as an artist – but also as a person. I think that when you take a hiatus from the spotlight for a few years, obviously, things change a lot. The industry has changed a lot, and I’m getting ready to put this out on my own as a self-release. I’m excited to see what happens, especially with how popular streaming has become. I think it gives artists like me an opportunity to truly be heard… I feel excited for people to finally hear who I am, and my own heart.”

Fans can look forward to hearing more from Reinert in the coming months as she continues to find her new sound as a solo artist.